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Our research project focuses on the excavation of the sector known as Can Mateu (see The Late republican Settlement) which is located at latitude 41° 31' 33" N and longitude 2° 23' 33" E and is approximately eighty-seven meters above sea level.

Can Mateu (late republican settlement)

The Can Mateu site is located in the small municipality of Cabrera de Mar (El Maresme, Barcelona) and is just a short twenty-nine kilometer drive northeast from the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

Cabrera de Mar

The closest international airport to the Ca l'Arnau - Can Mateu site is the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. This airport receives flights from eighty-five different airlines that are both nationally and internationally recognizable. The site can be reached from the airport via either public transportation or by taxi/car.

If you are trying to reach the site by car or taxi use the following address: Carrer la Riera, 21, 08349 Cabrera de Mar, Maresme, Catalonia, Spain.

The public transportation option involves taking two buses and a regional train. Upon arrival at the airport walk to the exit towards the roadway and look for a sign that says "Aerobus".

There are two buses: the A1 bus, which services terminal one and the A2 bus, which services terminal two. Both of the aforementioned buses head directly into the Barcelona city center, with a final stop at Plaça de Catalunya.

Upon arrival at Plaça de Catalunya, get off the bus and head to one of the stairs leading to the underground train station; be sure that there is a sign with a capital "R" in orange. Go down to the platform level and board the next "R1" train with one of the following final destinations: Mataró, Arenys de Mar, Calella, Blanes, or Maçanet-Massanes. Be sure to get off the train at the Cabrera de Mar-Vilassar de Mar station; it is the eleventh stop and takes about thirty-five to forty minutes.

Once at the Cabrera de Mar-Vilassar de Mar station, exit the platform to the roadway via the underground tunnel. When exiting the tunnel there is a bus stop visible at the corner of Carrer del Canonge Almera and Carrer Torrent del Porxo. Wait for the regional "C16" bus at this stop. (This bus line does not operate on Sunday's or after 7:00 pm on Saturday's.)

Board the "C16" bus when it arrives and ask the driver to let you off at "Ajuntament de Cabrera"; the bus will stop right beside Cabrera de Mar's Town Hall. From the Ajuntament de Cabrera walk west for about one minute passing in front of the town hall, which is a walkable open area that leads to Carrer la Riera.

Turn right and walk north along Carrer la Riera for about one minute, the site of Can Mateu will be visible to your left.

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